This idea is borrowed from this page. Basically, you just post a message on the talk page suggesting that I list a rumor/s you've heard. No making up rumors; they have to be real rumors. They can't be rumors that came true, either. --Sparrowsong 00:41, January 7, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

  • Nico has a crush on Thalia.
  • Annabeth has white-blonde hair and pale blue eyes. (She has blonde hair and stormy grey eyes.)
  • Percy is gay. (He has blatantly kissed Annabeth' and Rachel, and has tried to get Annabeth to kiss him.)
  • Luke has hazel eyes. (He has ice-blue eyes. Don't believe me? Reread the books.)
  • Zoe Nightshade has a pale complexion, blonde hair, and blue/green eyes. (Everyone seems to think this, as Hannah Montana's Emily Osment is almost always cast as Zoe Nightshade in fan-castings. Zoe is tanned, with dark hair and eyes. She's Greek, not Swedish.)
  • Nico and Bianca are twins. (Two years apart.)
  • Rick Riordan is secretly a doujinshi writer.(no comment)
  • Percy loves either Nico, Artemis, Silena, or Athena. (once again, Nico is out because he is simply NOT GAY!)
  • Luke loves Zoe.
  • Furies always attack demigods. (Alecto attacked Percy because of the Helm of Darkness and master bolt)
  • Nico has a crush on Rachel.