Persia's POV

I can't believe this. You're half god, half witch. You must go to Camp Half-Blood for protection. As of right now, I was running away. Away from the pack of Hellhounds chasing me. I pulled out the twisted Order Obsidian wand, as the lady, Hecate said. She said it was special, it could turn into a sword by calling out the sword's name, Tsunami. Should I press the tip of the sword, it will turn into the wand.

"Tsunami!" I shouted. A beautiful, black glassy sword, unbreakable, shot out. A hellhound rushed at me. I slashed wildly at the hellhounds. With no form whatsoever. Several hellhounds remained so I turned the sword back into the wand, and tucked it in my ponytail. I ran the Half Blood hill, as Hecate said. I crossed the barrier and collapsed, unconscious.


I liked camp, it was really fun, even if the Hermes cabin is a bit... okay very cramped. Lady Hecate appeared to me in my dreams every night to train me in magic and weapons. She told me about my heritage and made me promise to not tell anyone about it, even my cousin Harry, who according to Hecate, is very powerful and popular in the Wizarding World. She asked Artemis to bless me, fully and she agreed. Poseidon too me in his care, Amphitrite and Triton is awfully nice, they aren't like the Dursleys at all, I wish Harry could come, but the godly world is a secret, he can't know.

My favorite person in the entire camp is Lou Ellen, Hecate's daughter, she knows I can do magic, but she doesn't know I know who my godly parent is, or that I live with him.


I'm so excited! This is the day I'm going to Hogwarts! Mom (Amphitrite) and Dad doesn't want me to go at all, nor does Triton, but Hecate promised that I can contact them with Iris message so they gave me a pouch filled with about 1000 drachmas!


Percy's POV

I walked to camp excited. I had asked Athena, Annabeth's godly mother for her blessing in marrying Annabeth. Athena agreed, only if, I completed the 12 labors of Heracles. Now, in his hands was a black box with a ring, specially made by Hephaestus so that it could turn to Annabeth's old dagger. It was made of Celestial Bronze and imperial gold, twisting together into a four strand braid. A greyish diamond was embedded in the middle tiny crushed emerald, so fine that it was like dust, powdered over the braided metal.

I crossed over the barrier and received sour looks from everyone. I sighed. A year ago, my half brother, Chance Winchester, appeared and started turning nearly everyone, except, Annabeth, Clarisse, Chris, Nico, Grover and Thalia.

I knocked the door of the Athena cabin. Malcom opened the door and scowled.

"What do you want?" he asks.

"Umm, where's Annabeth?".

He smirks and said," The docks,".

"Oh, Thanks!". I ran to the docks, and saw Grover, Clarisse, Chris, Nico and Thalia trying to stop me. I ignored them and ran to the docks. There I saw Annabeth and Chance. Kissing.

I froze. Not just my body, but even my pulse, blood, breathing, hell even my heart did.

"Annabeth_ How could you! I thought you loved me!" I said.

They broke off in surprise and Annabeth looked at me with sorrowful eyes," Percy, it's not what you think!".

Suddenly, a vortex of water spun and all 12 Olympians appeared.

"Perseus Jackson, you have been accused of aiding both Kronos and Gaia in the war, what do you plead?" rumbled Zeus.


"Lies! We've seen proof of you doing so, Olympians, we shall take a vote, to kill him, or to let him live," declared Zeus. "Raise your hands if you think that Perseus should be killed,".

Zeus, Dionysus, Ares, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite raised their hands.

"Well, since it is a tie, I declare that he will be exiled," Zeus said.

"Oh? Fine, It's clear that none of you wants me here," I spat. I threw the box, into Annabeth's face and ran to the cabin with Clarisse, Nico, Grover and Thalia and Chris following me.

Nico placed a hand on my shoulder," I'm sorry, but whatever you're doing, we're following you,".

I looked at them. My true friends.

"I'm leaving camp," I announced. "I understand if you guys won't follow_"

"No way Prissy, we're following you," said Clarisse firmly.  

"Fine, go pack up," I told them.

"May I come too?" a British accented voice asked.

The voice belonged to one of the older unclaimed demigod. She was dressed in the camp shirt and jeans, with a strange robe and cloak on top. Her black hair was pulled into a low, messy ponytail with a hair spike sticking in it. He strange silver eyes are glowing.

"Why?" I asked. Why would she, a demigod that doesn't even know him, help him?

"I've seen what they did to you, Chance never manipulated me since he believed that due to the fact the I'm an unclaimed, I'm weak," she says.

"Sure, why not," said Grover. The others nodded in agreement.

"My name's Persia," she offered. We exchange our names.

"We better go pack the things we need,".


An hour after we left camp, the monsters appeared. I uncapped Riptide as the other took out their weapons. We fought wildly, but Persia, on the other hand, has a strange strategy of weaving in and out of the monster's line of sight, slashing with a dagger and making long deep cuts, but not exactly fatal. However, it did weaken most of them, making it easier for us to fight them. When we were done, Persia is standing tall and proud while we are panting and out of breath.

"Is any of you injured?" she asks.

We stared at her. She looks like she is simply taking a walk in the park, not fighting a very large group of monsters.

She giggled at our expression," I've been here since I was nine, leaving only for my boarding school in Britain, you may argue that Annabeth has been here longer than me, but I have more experience having been attacked in the outside world constantly,".

I looked at her in admiration and respect. For an unclaimed demigod, she's very powerful.

"Wow," whispers Nico.

"We have to find somewhere safe," said Thalia.

Clarisse looked deep in though before answering," I know a place,".


We entered a small two story house, but inside, is a large mansion. My eyes bulged out.

"Clarisse, what is this place?" asked Persia.

"Ares, gave this place to me. He called it a refuge in case Camp falls," she answers.

"Are you sure that Ares won't be angry?" I asked. Ares, that guy hates me.

"No, he says everyone is welcome, even you punk!" she says.

I laughed at her. She's the same old Clarisse.

"So, what do we now?" asks Thalia.

"I guess we survive," I answered, shrugging.



I drew the arrow and fired at the Hydra. It dropped dead and left a scale cloak. Grinning at my friends. I win.

Clarisse groaned and said," I'm starting to regret having Thalia teach you archery,".

I was about to make a snarky remark when a flashing bright light appeared. In it's place was an eighteen year old boy with a very strong aura. I drew my now sword, Death as I gave up Riptide while the others drew their weapons as well.

The being chuckled and said," Relax, I'm not here to harm you, I'm here to give you an offer, I'd like for the fourteen of you, to join my army, to form the immortal elite team,".

"Who are you?" asked Persia, her hands tight on her dagger.

"Why, I'm Chaos," he says.

They dropped their weapons and was about to bow when he said," No! You will not bow to me!".

We complied and Nico stepped forward," Alright,". We stepped alongside her and agreed.

Persia, on the other hand, frowned," On one condition, I get to visit Harry,". Chaos shot her a look of understanding and nodded. We looked at her curiously. Who is Harry?

But it didn't matter because Chaos chose that moment to speak," Grover, you will be the Warrior of the Wild, your new name will be Nature,". He shot a beam a green and brown at him. Grover stumbled back a little before standing tall. Replacing the satyr is a brown skinned being, similar to Grover before, except he has a human form. He is wearing a cloak of green, with a brown jacket and pants. His hair is still brown but the once brown eyes are green.

"Thalia, you will be the Warrior of the Hunt, your new name will be Huntress,". A beam of blue and silver shot out. When he was done, Huntress emerged, wearing a silver cloak with a blue jacket and pants. Huntress's eyes bled silver, her hair a shocking blue.

"Clarisse, you will be the Warrior of War, your new name will be Siege,". A beam of red and black shot out. In the place of the daughter of war was Siege wearing clothes similar to Huntress, a black cloak, red jacket and pants. Her eyes are now black and hair a dark red.

"Chris, you will be the Warrior of Flight, your new name will be Soar,". A gold and white beam shot out.   Soar stood in the place of Chris, wearing a white cloak, gold jacket and pants. His eyes are gold and hair pure white.

"Nico, you will be the Warrior of Death, your name will be Kill,". Hitting Nico on full impact was a swirling beam of dark grey and lifeless red. He wore a red cloak, and a dark grey jacket and pants. His hair is paler, dark grey. His eyes are such a lifeless red that it looks more like the brownish color of dried blood.

"Percy, you will be the Warrior of the Sea, your new name will be Marine,". Then, the whirlpool of green and blue was shot at me. I now wore a green cloak, blue jacket and pants. I saw a strand of my hair turn blue, and assumed that my eyes are still sea-green.

"Persia, you will be the Warrior of Magic and the leader of the Chaos Warrior, your new name will be Witch,". A flurry of purple, blue and silver beams shot at her, turning her into a figure sporting a silver cloak, a purple jacket and blue pants. Her hair turned into a mix of purple and blue. Her eyes are a metallic silver.

"Each of you are about as powerful as I am, however, Witch, you will be much more powerful than anyone, even me," said Chaos. "Any questions?".

"Why me? Won't Percy be a better leader?" she asks.

"Because child, you know the most," he answers. We grinned at her. Witch placed herself down, but truly, she's much more than me and the rest of the Warrior combined.

"Don't worry Witch, you deserve this and so much more," I assured her. She thanked us.

"Now fore your first two mission, you will go to learn magic with the House of Life and Norse powers with the einherjars. Then you will go to lead the army of warriors on planet Chaos. Oh, and one more thing, you must always wear your cloak, you can also change to your old form,".

I whooped along with the others. This is going to be interesting.

House of Life

Persia's POV

I bit my lips. Being a Chaos Warrior does have it's perks, for one, we're able to access any power in the universe. We're just the best in one thing, mine being magic. However it's obvious since I'm a demi-witch. I smirked. Being the cousin of Harry Potter, savior of the Wizarding World has it perks. So does being a supposedly unclaimed demigod. Poseidon told me everything about Percy, now Marine, who is actually my twin brother and my mother Sally. I stared at Thalia and Clarisse. They are always talking about war and strategy. Which is not very surprising . But I can't complain. It has saved more times than I can count.

I cleared my throat, gaining everyone's attention.

"Percy, since you have the most experience with the Egyptians and Norse, why don't you tell us where it is?" I asked.

"Well, the House of Life is in Brooklyn and Hotel Valhalla is in Boston," he offers.

I frowned," Alright so maybe, we go to the House of Life for a decade then Hotel Valhalla for a decade, then we go to lead the Chaos Army,".

They shrugged then nodded in agreement.


I made Percy call Carter to explain what happened and our request in joining the House of Life. They agreed.

I met Sadie and when she heard our tale, she clenched her fist, and according to her, she took her secret name away from Annabeth.

Sadie painted the Ma'at on our tongue. We then chose our magic. Everyone chose battle magic.


We were lounging around when Chris decided to play 3 secrets.

"Alright, Witch, why don't you go first," said Sadie. I gaped at her and pulled out the wand sticking in my ponytail.

"Alright, my first secret is, I'm a witch," I whispered.


I rolled my eyes and muttered a few curses (the swearing kind) about me being a fool. I stood up and pointed the wand at Carter's khopesh.

"Wingardium Leviosa!". The khopesh started to rise. I made it zip around the room, several times purposely hitting Carter's head with it. Sadie, Carter and Walt tried to use the Egyptian spells to drop it, but I've had secret training with Hecate since I was nine, then official training in Hogwarts since I was eleven.

I smirked at them and made the khopesh hover over Carter's lap.

"Finite Incantatem!". The khopesh dropped on Carter's lap. I sat down and smirked at their awestruck face.

"My wand also turns into an Order Obsidian sword," I informed.

Marine snapped out of his shock and said," Alright, next secret,".

I groaned, there goes my peace. "Poseidon, is my father,".

They burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes and pulled the water out of the nearby sink and dumped them with it. They stopped laughing.

I huffed and pouted, giving them my puppy eyes, begging them to not make me tell them anymore secrets.

"No, you're my half-sister! You will tell me all your secrets," said Percy grinning brightly.

"Actually, I'm more of, like your... younger twin sister," I muttered, wincing on the last word.

"Really?" asks Percy, he gave his baby seal eyes, begging me to say yes. I snapped my fingers at him.

"No, my name is Persia, my father is Poseidon and my mum is a random woman called Sally Jackson and my older twin brother is Percy, not you," I said, lacing my voice thickly with sarcasm.

He grinned, wider than ever before I'm sure and starting tickling me. I gasped in surprise and cast the tickling charm at him

"Rictusempra!". He collapsed and started laughing. I smirked at him.

Everyone looked at me and Marine as if watching a tennis match before bursting out laughing.

I cast the counter-spell so he will stop laughing. I smirked evilly at him.

After he recovered he stood up," You, are telling me everything about yourself,".


"And that everyone, is my life story," I declared.

"You... have gone through five wars, two underwater, one in the Wizarding World and two in the Titan and Giant war, a legacy of nearly most of the major gods in the entire godly pantheons, along with Percy and is blessed by Artemis?" asks Clarisse in disbelief.

"I know right? I'm surprised that I didn't die sooner," I said.

"Well, all that aside, it is rather impressive, and since you're already trained in magic, it'll be much more easier for you to do Egyptian magic," assured Carter. "Speaking of which, we better go and start you training,".



I raised the staff of twisted wood and imperial gold, "Ha-di!". The shabti that Grover sent to me crumbled into dust.

Behind me, I heard Percy saying," Maw!".

At the last moment I said," N'dah!". A shield popped up protecting me. I grinned, my turn.

"Isfet!". Chaos broke loose until I yelled," Ma'at!". Everything turned back to normal. Sadie grinned at me with pride. We are the only two who can access Ma'at. Sadie, however, is severely weakened after doing so. I winked at her and kept my staff which turns into either a spear or khopesh, Rashida, into the Duat. I also learned that I have a rare ability to be able to cast a spell by just saying it in any language, no need to use the divine words. I could also do this in Wizarding magic.

"I win, again," I stated.

"That's because you're the Warrior of Magic!" Percy complained.

"And you used water magic, you're the Warrior of the Sea," I told him. He gave me a pout and I smile at him.

"Well, you guys have officially learned everything there is for us to teach," said Carter.

We all smiled at them.

During our decade here, we had stopped two wars, one was because Seth was brewing some troubles and the other was because some guy wanted Carter's throne.

Our most important mission is our mission to free the gods.

That night was one of the best night of my life.


I turned to my old form and knocked on the Dursleys door, hoping Harry is here.

Aunt Petunia opened the door," Persia, what do you want from us? If it's money then you better run off,".

"Actually, I was wondering where Harry is," I said. I left when I was nine to live ad train under Hecate's supervision and still visit now and then, but I haven't seen him since after the war in the Wizarding World, I had to leave to help the Giant War. During that time, I was also tasked by father to spy on Gaia and discreetly place information for the Seven.

She stuck her nose in the air," He's with his freak friends,". With that she slammed the door. I sighed and turned my blue pants and purple jacket into purple robes, blue pants, shirt, silver tie and boots then slipped to my Chaos Warrior look. I smiled. This, is much more comfortable. With my silver cloak fastened, I teleported to the only other place that Harry might be. The Burrow. I knocked on the door and a strange woman opened it. I never spent my summers with Harry, and have only heard tales of his friends.

"Excuse me, I'm Persia Jackson, I'm looking for Harry, I'm his cousin," I said, introducing myself. Her mouth opened an 'O'. She called Harry.

Harry's face lit up when he saw me. He dragged me inside the house.

"Everyone, this is my cousin, Persia Jackson, Sia, this is my friends, Ron and Hermione," he introduced. I nodded.

"Harry, can I talk to you for a while? In private?" I stated. He nods and led me to his room.

"Alright Sia, what is it, and what's with the new look?" he asks, once I locked the door.

I sighed. How do you tell your cousin that you're going to space?

"I'm leaving," I said.


"I'm leaving this place in a decade, but not because of father, this is because of Percy,". I looked away. Although Harry knew I lived with my dad, Poseidon, he did not know anything about the godly world, so I have be careful about it around him.

Harry grins widely. "It's about time, and don't worry, I'll be fine," he assures me.

I sighed and hugged him. I handed him a violet and indigo feather. He gave a questioning look.

"If you need to talk to me, just write it, the feather will start to glow, we can keep in contact this way," I explained.

I said my goodbyes and flashed out to Boston.

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