Andrew POV

I walked out of the elevator and gasped when i saw it.&nbsp

Olympus was in ruins, Dead littered the street and the bridge was in crumbles.

I stared up at Chiron "This was what you came to see us about?" Linda held my hand tightly as she watched a Muse getting healed by a Satyr.

"No...its something much worse" "Worser then this?" Said Jack "I'll believe that when i see it"

And he did....believe me

The inside of Olympus was as bad as it was outside, some of the thrones had chips out of them and blood was splattered on the walls and floor.

Hestia was busy tending to the hearth while the rest of the gods were in a argument.

"I say we track them down! Slay each one of the ugly brutes!" Shouted Ares, wielding a broad battle-axe "We cannot, the Hyperboreans already defeated us and their numbers have grown since the Second Great War!" Athena argued back.

Zeus banged his fist on his throne "Enough!" He then turned to Chiron and us "Chiron i see that you have brought the Godslingers" He raised his eyebrow at the three of us "Only three, where are the other three? The midget, the dark haired girl and the trident boy?" Jack stepped forward, he was our leader "Josh is off to see his mother, Zarana is on a quest i believe....Apollo sent her on?" Apollo nodded then played a heavy metal tune on his Harp "And Will is off to visit his mothers grave" Poesidon nodded sadly "Dear Maria...." he muttered then kept back to reliaty.

Zeus put his hands to his eyes and rubbed them angrilly "This complicates things...i was hoping you could help us in a.....delicute matter" I stared back at Olympus "Does it involve what happened back there?" I said, indicating the battle worn city.

Zeus stared at me for a moment then nodded "About three days ago....An army of Hyperboreans marched on Olympus, so far Artemis is hunting them but thats not the matter....they stole something precious....and very dangerous" I stared at the blood splattered room...must have been really important for an army of Hyperboreans to attack Olympus.

Jack waited till Zeus took a long breath then finally said:

"They have stolen the shards of The Scythe of Kronos and plan to reforge it"