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NOTE 2: FIRST 3 CHAPTERS ARE IN FOR A REDO~!!!!! (I wrote them while I was still forming my writing voice, my writing voice now is far superior now than it was then. Please excuse the cliche/TLT similar beginning and unnessesary details.)

Ch.1 Simple Logic Right?

NOTE: I didn't want to be a half-blood, ok? Don't go blame me if your teacher turns into a Rabid fruit bat and attacks you or if your house disintegrates as your unlocking your front door. If you’re reading this for entertainment, keep reading. If you’re reading this because you think your one, go right on ahead. I just won't be held responsible for what happens. If you already know your one, things are going to get a whole lot more interesting. So I would suggest finding a Satyr or run off to CHB right away. I'm not saying this is real but I'm also not saying this is fiction either. Believe whatever you want, the choice is yours.

Don't say I didn't warn you,


Many people interpret life to be a battle. But, life is not a battle, it is a game.

HA! If only that were true. For me, life has always been a battle. From the big things such as divorced parents to the little things such as middle school bullies. Games are fun, life is not. Therefore life is not a game, simple logic. The type of which I grew up on. The only thing that made me think opposite of that is when I saved the world from mass destruction.

It all started when I vaporized my teacher.

My first name is none of your business; my last name is none of your business. But until I meet you face to face, call me Shawn. I'm 13 going on 14 last time I checked. Until several months ago, I was a student at St. Aidan's Private School in north Illinois.

Since it is a private school it covers all grades from Kindergarten all the way through 8th. The first thing that people say when they hear that is "Wow, big school." But the truth is, it's the complete opposite. There is only one teacher per grade and there is a average of 15 kids per classroom. My graduating class only has 7.

Things didn't start going bad until 8th grade. Everything was all fine and dandy until I found out that my 8th grade teacher had a heart attack during the summer and wouldn't be able to come back until after Winter break. So we were stuck with a substitute teacher for half the year. Some people would say "that sucks" if they heard that. But truthfully, I was relieved.

See, the 8th grade teacher was supposed to give a ridiculous amount of homework on a daily basis. So I was kind of relieved I didn't have to put up with all of that.

Now I'm getting to the part about vaporizing my teacher.

It was a nice late August morning, the so very familiar schedule that was so very distant. Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and get in the car. The so simple yet complicated routine which I practically grew up on.

I walked in the school feeling self-conscious with a hint of anxiety which I couldn't understand. A light blue polo tucked in with dress pants and a belt. The embarrassing dress code of which I've grown accustomed to.

I turned left into the main hallway glancing at all of the other students younger than I, they were all smiling and laughing, glad to be reunited after the long summer. I was strangely glad to be back too. This was my second year at St. Aidan's. Before that I was going to Lady Liberty's Intermediate School, the time before that I was going to Sacagawea Elementary, and even before my parents got divorced I was going to Kennedy Elementary. Weird names right? Well they were weird schools. That’s probably the reason I was kicked out of all of them.

I turned right at the upper wing and entered my classroom. What I saw ran an ice cold chill from the top of my neck to the bottom of my spine. It was an older woman nearing her 40's, wearing a pitch black dress, the kind of which you would wear at a funeral, sitting at the teacher’s desk. There was nothing wrong with the picture, it was completely normal. But, something about her seemed dangerous. And, maybe it was just me but her eyes didn't seem human. They were all black. I mean not all black; they had White on the outside, but very little.

The woman tensed and turned in my direction. Her face had an angry expression and a hint of something else I didn't recognize. Pain? No, hunger. When her eyes found me the pupils got even larger. That's not natural I thought. Her whole entire being caught me off guard.

What caught me off guard even more was her voice. "From my understanding, your teacher wants all the students to sit in their seats as soon as they get in the classroom."

Her voice was sweet, dangerously sweet. As if she was leading me to my death. All I could mutter was “Is Mr. Dean here?"

It was a stupid thing to say. Everyone in the school knew what happened. But I was at a loss of words and she sounded as if Mr. Dean were here.

She had a mock perplexed look with a hint of a smirk on her lips as if there was an inside joke “If you haven't heard, Mr. Dean suffered a heart attack this summer. He won't be back until after Winter break. Now if you didn't hear me the first time I believe I told you to sit down in your seat Mr. Wilkins."

That's odd; I didn't recall telling her my name. It annoyed me. So being the rebel I am I decided to show her who's the boss around here. "I'm sorry; I believe you didn't tell me to sit down in my seat."

She merely picked up a clipboard and wrote a few things on it. “3 demerits for disobeying a direct order from the teacher.”

My jaw dropped "But you really didn't tell me to sit down in my seat." This was true. She just told me that Mr. Dean would want me to sit down, not to actually sit down. Even though I knew what she meant to begin with.

"Back talk, Mr. Wilkins? That's another demerit." She marked it down on her clipboard.

I just simply looked at the person closest to me, who was Don, a buff African American kid in my class and gave him the Who-told-this-hag-about-demerits look. The lady just marked another mark on the clipboard and said "Yet another for disobeying"

I walked to my desk without saying a word. When I got there and was settled in my seat I muttered “This is going to be a LONG year."

Time Skip

It's the end of the day. Two words, about time. Longest day of my life. The subs name is Ms. Bennington by the way. She gave me a demerit of every little thing. At the end of the day I ended up with 24 demerits. It was only the first day. This lady is off her rocker, only one more demerit and I would be expelled.

As I was walking out of the classroom Ms. Bennington said “We need to talk Mr. Wilkins"

My back was turned to her and my shoulders sagged. I turned and walked over to her desk and asked "Yes?"

"Follow me." She commanded as she got up from the teacher’s desk and walked out the door. With no other option, I followed. Oh great, she's probably going to get me expelled I thought.

She walked down the hall and turned right towards the restrooms. I sighed in relief; the principal's office was the opposite direction. My exhale was cut short when she turned in the boy's restroom and pointed her fore finger at me, palm up, and bent it, willing me to follow. This lady is definitely off her rocker. I thought as I reluctantly followed her.

She walked to the end of the bathroom and turned “You’ve been a very bad boy Mr. Wilkins."

I stopped my breath all together. I hoped she wasn't going to do what I thought she was going to do.

But she wasn't. I was WAY off.

She transformed into a... fruit bat. Her skin looked like leather and her face was all scrunched up like bats, with wings of course, and HUGE teeth. She grew in size too; she was at least 8 foot now. Her head just grazed the ceiling. I just squeaked "Ms. Bennington?"

That's when she lunged claws first, at me. My instincts kicked in and all of the years of martial arts paid off. Her claws came from above in an ark. I stuck my hands up in an X and caught her arm in the top V. From there, I grabbed the hand and quickly twisted my arms and brought it to my right hip, breaking her wrist.

That was a mistake, she wailed in agony. She ripped her hand from mine and back slapped me in the face with the same hand, snapping her wrist back in place in the process.

It was the most painful thing I've ever felt. It was like a Semi truck slamming straight into my face. I flew across the room. When I got up I seen her jump at me, I crouched and she flew right over me and face planted into the wall. I kicked the wall and slid across the floor.

I got up and turned. Ms. Bennington turned as well; her face was full of hatred. One of the canines was dangling in her mouth. This time I wasn't going to wait for her to attack, I ran forward a few steps then jumped right onto the faucet, jumped again, left this time, and spun in the air, back parallel to the ground and feet pointed towards the ceiling. Unfortunately my feet didn't reach her face. I twisted my hips and landed on the ground, back to her.

I spun around and gave her a twisting uppercut, knocking the loose canine out of her teeth. Unfortunately, it barely fazed her and she tossed me against the wall. I slid to the floor and she got on top of me, ready to rip off my face. Luckily, I've seen a lot of action movies so I knew what to do in that situation. I put both of my hands in between her arms and spread them so they weren't on me, then double punched her in the chest which launched her body slightly in the air. I pushed against the wall with my hands and went straight through her feet. I grabbed her ankles on the way out, pulling her with me. She slammed her face on the ground.

She got up before I did and ran toward me. From the ground I jumped with my right leg and roundhouse kicked her with my left. She stumbled to my right; I punched her in the face with my right hand, causing her to stumble back a few feet. I then ran forward and left hooked her, causing her to run into the faucet. She whipped her head around toward me only to meet another left hook to the face and slammed into the mirror.

From there I took her head and shoved it against the mirror, cracking it, once, twice more, and then the mirror broke. I shoved her face into the faucet with such force that it shattered, causing water to spray out of the wall and on to both of us. The water gave me amazing strength, it seemed to heal me and give me more energy.

Just before I was going to kick her she swiped my feet out from under me and I landed on the floor. It didn't hurt like it should have, in fact, it barely fazed me. Ms. Bennington jumped up and dragged me across the room away from the water toward the wall. I swear, I've seen enough of that wall. But this time I didn't think any action move could save me. She raised her claw and swung it down in a deadly arc, trying to finish me off. I panicked “HEEEELP!"

That's when all Hades broke loose. I felt a huge tug in my stomach and water burst from the walls and swept Ms. Bennington away. I couldn't see her for a few seconds after that because that whole entire side of the room was filled with water, continuing to build up. It then released and swept all the water out into the hallway. I saw Ms. Bennington at the opposite wall, by some miracle, the loose canine tooth that I knocked out of her mouth when I uppercut her was swept away too and went straight into her heart. She then blew up into a Yellow cloud of dust.

I didn't hang around there. I ran straight to my classroom. There were still a few students packing up their stuff. I yelled "You wouldn't believe what just happened! Ms. Bennington just turned into a rabid Fruit bat and started to attack me!"

The three other kids that were in there looked at each other weirdly then looked at me. My friend Cody asked "Who's Ms. Bennington?"

Then Kayla said “Have you lost your mind?"

I first answered Cody's question. “Ms. Bennington is covering for Mr. Dean as he's recovering from his heart attack." Then I looked at Kayla “Of course I'm not crazy! Look, I'm soaking wet and I have a bunch of bruises on me!" I looked down to see that I'm perfectly fine and completely dry.

Kayla said "Mr. Dean didn't suffer from a heart attack, he taught us today. Are you feeling ok?"

"...Ok guys, very funny, now quit this act." I said in a stern tone.

"But we're not acting..." Kayla said with a worried tone.

"But...That's impossible. You all were here when Ms. Bennington was teaching us, how do none of you know what I'm talking about?"

There expressions were weary. Claire, one of the not so nice girls in my class turned her back to me then coughed "Schizophrenic psycho."

I stormed off in rage. How was it possible that they could keep a straight face and lie to me? I was turning right into the main hall when something weighed me down on my right side. I checked my right pocket to find that the right canine tooth that I knocked out of Ms. Bennington's mouth was there.

I knew for a fact that I hadn't picked up the tooth on my way out of the bathroom. It sent a course of anxiety throughout my body. I was worried about myself. What if I really were schizophrenic? I threw the tooth away and kept walking toward the parking lot, as I exited the building something weighed me down in my right pocket. I paused, Afraid to look, but I did. I had the same blood stained tooth in my pocket. Now THIS is Impossible.

Huge attacking fruit bats, the water giving me strength and lashing out at my command, No one knows who Ms. Bennington is, magical reappearing teeth.... I need to find out what's going on. I know I'm not crazy. From that moment forward I sent myself on a quest to get to the bottom of that day's events, but I also sent myself on a quest that should have been left alone...

Ch.2 All Powerful, Immortal Online Community

It's January and I watch through the Window as snow falls gracefully to the ground. I'm on the computer trying to think of any possible things that could give me an idea to what happened a few months ago. If you didn't already know, the first day of school my substitute teacher transformed into a giant crazy fruit bat and tried to kill me.

Yeah, LONG story.

So anyway, the last few months have been pretty decent. Not considering that everyone thinks I'm crazy and tries to avoid me. But it's all good.

Ever since the incident in the bathroom I've been searching to try to find answers. Anything at all that would help me. But I've found nothing whatsoever. I mean, giant fruit bats? Water coming to my aid? Who could possibly explain that?

That's why my search ends today. How was I so blinded not to see it? NO ONE on the face of the earth has ever experienced something even similar to that. Oh jeez, wonder why? It's because it's not real. None of it. Maybe I just had a crazy moment. I once read somewhere that sour bread can sometimes make you hallucinate. That HAS to be it.

I sighed in relief. Now I can get back to my normal life. Hopefully I can get my reputation back before the end of the school year. I still can't believe it though, how could I possibly think of something so stupid?

Time Skip

It's March now and everyone is unwinding from Spring break. Everything is starting to return to normal with me and the "Rabid Fruit Bat" Incident. Mr. Shinoda is starting the Greek mythology unit in Literature. So to start it off he decided to read us the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

I was quickly sucked in. I don't know why, but it fascinated me. Monsters, children of gods, it was awesome.

After school I went on the computer like I usually do, and searched up Percy Jackson stuff. I still couldn't get over how striking it was to me.

After a while I searched up Demigods. About 200,000 items popped up. I clicked the first, Http:// The first thing I saw was "A Safe Haven for Demigods!"

This looks like a cool role play site I thought. I started looking on the site. I clicked the first link titled "HELP!!!!!!" It was amazing. How could people think of this stuff? The story was about something related to a group of kids finding a nest of baby Drakons and they needed suggestions of what to do with them.

I decided to hop into the story.

I quickly created a character in my head and started to type “As Stephen looked out onto the distant mountains he heard a desperate scream. 'HELP!' He then ran to what looked like a cave, but in the cave Stephen found a bunch of kids around his age seeming to have their hands full with a group of baby Drakons. 'Need some help?'

I waited a few minutes then refreshed the page. There were several new posts I read them. The first one said “Um, Are you feeling ok?" The second post said "This is no time for jokes! The mother might come soon! We need to either A.) Kill them or B.) Train them to be good."

I, thinking that they were talking to other characters in the story, wrote “‘sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Stephen.' Stephen said. He then heard a loud shaking sound in the distance 'The mother is coming! Let's just kill the babies, it's much easier' Stephen then pulled out a 2 foot long Oceanic steel sword and started hacking the babies to pieces"


I, confused by the comment, responded "OCC: Sorry for just jumping in the story, there was nothing on the top of the page warning me not to just butt in. OC: ' After Stephen had finished up with the Drakons he turned and said 'What are all of you doing just standing there! Run!"

Once again I waited a few minutes then refreshed the page. I saw two posts; the first one read "AND YOU'RE STILL MAKING JOKES! I OUGHT TO HAVE YOU BANNED! NOW WHY DON'T YOU DO ME A FAVOR AND GET OFF THIS SITE?!"

I was hurt by the comment. I still didn't know what they meant. I then scrolled down to the second one. “Calm down Lindsey. He misunderstood the websites purpose. The mortal simply thinks that this is a simple 'role play.' He was serious when he made those comments."

I was confused by this comment. But when have I not been confused by this site? I then wrote "OCC: um, I'm really not sure what you mean, Mortal? You're one too."

I counted to 60 then refreshed. One comment “Yes mortal, I am not immortal. What I meant was you’re…more of a mortal than I. This website is for people who are real demigods. You know, like the Percy Jackson books. "

I was dumbfounded by that comment. She couldn't be serious. Percy Jackson is a work of pure fiction created by the author Rick Riordan. I then started writing " WTH! And I thought I was schizophrenic. Seriously people, that is completely false. The Greek gods aren't real. Now, good night."

I then walked down stairs into the kitchen and started on my homework. Just some overdue math. I quickly finished it and went upstairs again. I lay down on my bed. But something sharp poked me in the back. I grabbed behind me and brought it up to my face. It was a blood stained tooth. The same of which I knocked out of Ms. Bennington’s mouth that day so many months ago. It all suddenly came to me.

No wonder why the Percy Jackson books sounded so familiar. Water lashing out at my aid. Killer fruit bat. No one knowing who Ms. Bennington was. It was practically my life. It was ridiculous how I didn't figure it out until now. I am a demigod.

I hopped out of bed and went back on the demigod’s website. I went back to the Article titled "HELP!!!!" I came back to see some not so nice words directed to me.

I started typing "Flag of truce. I'm sorry for my behavior. You were right, I did misunderstand the situation. You said that this website was for demigod’s right? Well I'm a demigod myself. I was wondering if you could give me advice. See a few months ago, my teacher turned into a giant fruit bat and attacked me in the boys bathroom. After I killed it, I ran to my classroom and I told all of my friends what happened and they claimed that she never existed. Any suggestions on what happened?"

After a few minutes I refreshed. There was one message for me. It was by the same user that explained things to me before. "Ah, ok. I would be glad to help. My name is Caroline by the way. It sounds like a Chiropteran, extremely dangerous. So, what are your traits?"

A few minutes past and I started writing "Well, I see what I believe to be the future in my dreams. I love reading, writing, and listening to music. I am a fast healer. I always try to think of a way around fighting. Excellent shot when it comes to ranged weapons. I love to be organized. I'm a lover not a fighter, but can still knock you the f*** out...Creative, Large imagination... Fears the unknown… and the dark. My ancestors practiced magic. I Love the ocean. I have bad anxiety issues and am self-conscious... Ummmmmm. What do I sound like to you?"

I then pressed refresh. Caroline responded "Son of Apollo, Definitely."

I was confused and wrote back "What do you mean?"

I waited a while then refreshed. She wrote back "You're a son of Apollo. The Greek god of the Sun."

Time skip

It's been a month since I found out I was a demigod. All is well I suppose. Caroline has been teaching me over the internet how to survive and control my powers. No luck whatsoever on the controlling my powers. But I've learned a ton on how to survive.

The website is brilliant. I hear of so many people who have been saved just from the info on the site. There is SO MUCH DRAMA on their though it's ridiculous. (But that’s a story for another day)

I was glad to be part of it all. It's like a huge, happy, all-powerful, online family.

Ch. 3 My House Key burns Down the House

It's the end of the school year and I'm now officially a high school man. The school year wasn't all that bad besides the fact that I was attacked by a Chiropteran.

I got back my reputation completely. It was hard but now the fruit bat incident has passed and I'm back to my old retarded self. Another hard part about the year was not telling anyone about how the world really is.

"What did you do yesterday Shawn?" Oh just talked to my fellow all powerful demigod friends and learned how to decapitate a Canadian giant "Oh, the usual."

Everyday had some type of scenario like that. But I'm sure none of them suspects that I'm a demigod.

The demigod site gets better and better every day I log on. I was quickly welcomed in with open arms. There's some seriously cool stuff I learn on there that I didn't know about Greek mythology before.

Most of the other users are going to CHB for the summer, so it's going to be kind of lonely on the site. I want to go but I don't think my parents will let me. I'm not sure if they suspect that I'm a demigod yet. Let alone even know what a demigod is.

Get attacked by a giant fruit bat, check. Learn that I'm a demigod, check. Learn that everything about the world is not what it actually seems to be, check. Find any hints if my parents know that I am a demigod, not check. If they don't know that I am one, convince them that I am. So that's my agenda for the summer. Sound easy? Probably, but it's not going to be.

I was thinking about this all as I was walking home from school. I decided that since it was the end of Jr. High I should try something new.

One thing that is cool about being a demigod is that we're so heroic. I'm not necessarily heroic but a lot of others are. Just hearing their stories sends chills down my back. But being a demigod isn’t as fine and dandy as I make it sound, most of the time it means dire consequences… All including indescribable forms of torture and ghastly ways of dying. If Caroline has taught me anything, it’s that being a demigod is dangerous.

90% of the total population of demigods dies before they reach college age. It's ridiculous as it is sad. They either die some horrible death or disappear.

I was just about a block away from my house when I noticed something about the air; a few seconds ago it was really windy, now it's still. Not just that but I couldn't hear any birds chirping or any Cicada's buzzing. The air seemed ominous, as if everything was taking shelter for bad weather.

I decided to hurry home. I was just getting up to my front porch and started relaxing the tension in my shoulders, I would finally be safe. But that's when everything turned from bad to worse.

I heard a bunch of high pitched squeaking, similar to that of a rat. Then I started smelling something burning. I just figured that someone was moving a grill... while they were grilling something...Yeah. I just looked behind me and seen a flock of crows far in the distance.

I turned and entered my house key into the lock. But then an ice cold chill went from the top of my neck to the bottom of my spine. The so very familiar feeling that was so very distant. All I could think of was Oh crap.

I just froze. I wanted to go inside but something in my gut stopped me. I turned around. You know the crows that I saw earlier? Well, they weren't Crows. You know Ms. Bennington at the beginning of the school year? Well that's what it was, except times 50. And the burning smell? That was them burning blocks of neighborhoods at a time with their fire breathing.

They were swooping down at me with incredible speed. I quickly turned and put my key back in the lock and twisted. That's when all Hell broke loose, no, not Hades, straight up Hell.

I suddenly felt a burning sensation throughout my body. I looked down and seen that I was on fire. I then looked up to see that the house was on fire. Oh great, now we can go down together.

I flipped the F out. I screamed, started waving my hands around like I was trying to fly, and slammed straight into the door. The door broke through immediately. I tripped and landed on my face. I didn't get up. I figured that it would all be over with soon enough. I heard something behind me say with a deep raspy voice " That's the one that killed me the 643rd time. We can return to the nest now. Colony, FLY!"

I then heard a large series of flapping then nothing besides the crackling of the flames.

I was seriously burning now. I raised my hand to my face and it looked like spaghetti. In desperate exasperation I screamed "HELP!"

I heard a sudden rushing sound and a bunch of simultaneous explosions. I raised my head as much as I could to see a large black and white mass coming straight towards me. After that I couldn't tell you what happened; because everything faded to black in a sweet, sudden, and eternal silence.

Time Skip

Death is a peaceful thing, silent, black, just pure nothingness. Or that's what I thought before I found out I wasn't dead. A voice jumped up at me like a knife stabbing into my neck and being dragged across my spinal cord. "Awaken young hero, your time has not yet come."

That's when I felt a jolt. What I heard is something that kept me up for months. Crying, screaming, burning, and fire trucks in the distance. It was complete and utter chaos. I literally thought “OMFG, I’m in Hell!”

My eyes burst open. I was lying at the foot of the stairs soaking wet. I slowly raised my hands. They were fine, some burn marks but other than from what I saw and felt, I was fine. I slowly got up. I was slightly sore as well.

I couldn't remember much but as I moved more and more it started to all flood back to me. I gasped when I remembered the Chiropterans. But it must have been a dream because the house was perfectly fine besides the fact that is was soaking wet.

On that thought, a radio burst to life. "This is just a catastrophe, Bob. The whole entire town is in ruins." The radio then made a spark noise then became lifeless.

I slowly turned around and reached for the door. When my hand reached the door handle a memory popped into my head. I thought this door was broken down. I slowly turned the handle and opened the door. What I saw dropped me to my knees.

Everything was rubble and ashes. There was an immense fire in the distance. My town was in ruins. I clumsily stumbled "What did they do to my home?"

I slowly got up and stumbled down the patio stairs. I then thought of all my family and friends who were probably killed in the fire. Tears then started to slip down my face. I wiped the wetness off with my hands and looked up. I turned my head right, then left. When my head turned all the way left another memory popped into my head.

I just turned around and muttered "Well, It looks like I don't have to ask my parents." I then walked up the steps to my house and walked inside. As I was shutting the door I muttered “Because I'm going to Camp Half-blood anyway

Ch. 4 I "Dramatically" Get Off a Train (If you’re confused… You should be…)

The train skidded to a stop in front of me as I was at a Chicago train station whose name I didn't care to learn. I was still in shock.

After I had entered into my house to get ready for my trip to CHB, I dropped to my knees and probably cried a good 2 and a half hours… Pathetic, you may say…But it’s not, how about I kill everyone within a 30 kilometer radius of you? The chances are that I just wiped out all of the people you’ve met in your life…All of your best memories, gone… All of your loved ones, gone… Then have you watch all of it happen and know that you were somewhat responsible. Believe me, it would be pretty life altering.

Though I can’t cry any more, I’m too emotionally numb; my brain activated a defense mechanism that shut out all emotion… So now I’m just a zombie… An emotionally detached zombie with nowhere to call a home…

A guy in his 40's wearing a business suit next to me asked “So, What's your story?"

The look on his face was like “This kid has been through a lot."

Oh, well see, I'm an all-powerful demigod. So at the beginning of my school year a huge bat like creature called a Chiropteran disguised itself like a teacher and attacked me in the boy’s bathroom. Recently, it and 50 others like it came back to get revenge on me and burned my whole entire town to the ground

I was too tired to make up a story so I just responded "Oh, the usual."

The guy just simply walked away and so did I. I walked on to the train and took a seat closest to the door.

There weren’t a lot of people on the car, just 6 men, 4 women and 3 children.

I leaned under my seat and got a cracker from my bag and started to nibble on it. The salty taste soothed me in a way most people wouldn't understand. I thought back to my days at St. Aidan's private school. Everyone used to call me" The Crackerjack." I earned that nickname by jacking a guy’s face up and force feeding him crackers. Hey, what can I say? He insulted and threatened my family. That doesn't fly with me. Not at all.

The memory made me smile, but just as fast as I had remembered it I was sorely reminded that everyone that I knew was probably dead. That sure wiped the smile off my face.

I stopped eating the cracker and put it in a plastic bag, frankly I lost my appetite. I looked across the aisle and looked at I guy holding a newspaper up to his face. On the front page of the newspaper a title caught my eyes. "Small Town in Northern Illinois in Flames" My eyes drooped even more than they were, if that was even possible. This was too much for me, I just wanted to die.

I set my head back and closed my eyes. I just wanted all of this to be gone. Gone. Gone...

Time Skip

I awoke with I start. I was freezing. I lift my head up but then regretted that decision, my neck was terribly sore. I looked around on the train, it was just me. That's odd I thought.

I then noticed that the windows on the train were frozen I turned around and used my shirt to wipe away some of the frost on the window and looked out. What I seen took my brain a few seconds to process what it was. It was snowing. It was snowing, in June. I turned back in my seat and got a sweat shirt from my bag and put it on. I cuddled up against the edge of the section divider and tried to go to sleep again. This is just a dream I thought to myself.

Damn, I'm so cold. I felt this little prickle on the back of my spine and my eyes burst open. My hand instinctively grabbed towards the right side of my face. I grabbed someone's hand, my head snapped in that direction. It was a man that had blue tinted skin wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt standing right next to me. The man quickly recoiled his hand and swiftly said “Sorry, just checking if you were alive still, I was afraid you suffered Hypothermia and died in your sleep." The man had a mid- Russian accent.

Like anyone would believe that. I looked at his clothes and said "Speak for yourself."

The man looked confused and responded “Where I come from this is actually blisteringly warm."

I snorted " Where would that be, Iceland?"

"Some place like that"

I positioned myself so I was facing him, for some reason, I didn't trust him. The man had a very clear blond head full of hair with piercing icy blue eyes. He looked young, like in his early 20's. He spoke again “So, what's a kid like you doing on a train all alone?"

The way he said "you" really bothered me for some reason. I decided to lie “Oh, see, I'm moving to New York but I wanted some more time to say good bye to my friends so my parents went ahead of me and told me to meet them at the station."

"Mm-hmm" He said with a dissatisfactory tone. "Ah, well they wouldn't want you to be late now would they? It would sure burn them up."

My breath stopped and my heart skipped multiple beats. I immediately stood up. "What do you want from me?"

“Merely to talk, my young boy."

"That's a bucket of Bullsh*t."

"You're very perceptive aren't you?"

"Only to the things that are obvious."

He paused for a moment then spoke “I have a proposition for you."

"Well, I'm not interested" I responded

"Boy, I believe it is an offer that you cannot refuse"

"Well, I am not interested" I said slowly and carefully while trying to keep myself from strangling him.

He simply frowned and said “I work for a very special someone, and she could really use your... potential."

"And who exactly is this…'She'?"

"Well you’ll find out once I get my answer."

"Well, when you say it like that...No."

"Aw, such a misfortune...Well I guess it's not a total misfortune. I haven't eaten in a few months." At that sentence the air felt dense and he put on a devilish smile. His teeth were like razors and he started growing in size, his once tinted blue skin started turning transparent and scaly.

I flipped a knife out of my bag and into my hand and threw it at the beast. The knife deflected off of the beast’s skin and flew through the window.

And this is the part most of you have probably been waiting for, I ran in the opposite direction like all hell.

By this time the beast was about 15 feet long and had all of the features of a dragon...But unfortunately I couldn’t place a name to the creature. I started sprinting for the door at the end of the car. Once I opened it and slid through, I managed to glance at the dragon, it jet towards me with incredible speed.

I sprinted forward, closing the door behind me. And judging on how fast he was going. I didn't bother opening the other door. I jumped and crashed into the window, shattering it. I landed on the floor with a thud, except the thud wasn't me it was the dragon breaking through both doors simultaneously. I rolled and continued running. I just noticed something; no one was on the train. Another thing I noticed, the train was outdoors... Well I got on a subway station train. If you haven't made the connection yet, subway trains don't go above ground.

I glanced behind me again to see a big ball of white coming right at me. I dove to the right and crashed into a seat. The ball of white, which I'd figured was snow, just washed over the end of the car like mist. When the mist from it faded, that whole wall was frozen over with ice. Scratch that, it was ice. I pushed myself from the bench and started running again. Since it was ice I ran at the wall and kicked it, it shattered through immediately, but because of the momentum, I went with it.

I stumbled forward and tripped, but because of the narrow space I face planted into the wall. I turned around and looked through where the wall was supposed to be and seen the dragon crawling toward me. If I hadn't known better, He was smiling.

I backed up but my foot took an unexpected fall, I looked down to see that there was no floor, just the couple and a 2 inch ledge on either side. The tracks looked like they were going by at light speed. I looked up again to see the dragon only feet away from me, looking as if he was going to pounce.

My eyes widened as I panicked. But there was no time to panic, for he had already jumped. Instinctively I dove to the side, but me being an idiot I dove off of the train. As I dove the scales of the dragon grinded against my back, ripping my clothes and part of my skin off.

Luckily I was in shock so it didn't hurt like it should have.

I was about to let myself fall but I looked below me to see a, what looked like an endless, chasm. I quickly reached out to the train and grabbed on to the edge of the car. I grabbed on to it, but as quickly as I grabbed on to it the speed of the train whip lashed me causing me to slam into the side of the car.

I quickly lost my grip, scraping my fingers and flying backwards. I screamed and reached out towards the train once more, I caught it and it whip lashed me back again. But this time I held on.

I then slowly made my way up the edge of the train. I then tried to break the window and climb through it. But then there a sudden bump and I fell into oblivion.

I closed my eyes prepared to wait till the end of the chasm. But as soon as I closed my eyes I hit a cold, hard, cement floor. I bounced and spun at least 12 times then stopped with a thud.

I heard several gasps and my eyes burst open. I quickly got up and looked around. I was in a subway station. I looked around in confusion as many curious eyes gazed at me. I didn't blame them; a guy just fell off a train, shirtless and bloody. I then limped to the nearest map post. By the looks of it I was in a little town called Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Something weighed me down in my right pocket, I grabbed it out and opened my hand, it was my dried blood stained tooth that I punched out of Ms. Bennington’s mouth all those months ago. It reminded me not to question the impossibility that I fell into an endless chasm only to end up in a Subway station 500 miles away from my destination. Because with Greek mythology, anything is possible.

I walked to the stairs leading to the above world then walked up them one stair at a time. I had barely any energy left and the only food I've eaten in hours was half a saltine cracker.

My mind was too foggy to comprehend the trouble I had gotten myself into. I had no food, clothing, money, or transportation. All I knew was that I needed to get to CHB, and fast.

Ch. 5 Strawberries Give Me a Rash

These last 5 days have been hell. After my little meeting with the ice dragon in the train station I walked from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to the beach of Long Island sound… But the hard way. First I went from Allentown to a farm about 10 miles east of it and camped out for the night in a barn….And what I woke up to was several very angry farm animals. I booked it from there to high way 78 with several bulls and the buffest chicken I’ve ever saw on my tail.

From there I’ve taken up 2 hitch hiking offers, one of which seemed like a genuinely good family until they gagged me, handcuffed me, and threw me in the trunk of the car. It was easy finding a way to open the trunk, but the tricky part is figuring the safest way to jump out of the car while it’s going easily 80 on the highway with legions of cars behind you going the same speed or faster.

And as for the other? Well, let’s just say never trust a person who has their license plate ID as ME <3 CHAINSAW…

After the second incident I’ve been smart enough to travel by night, because you’ll attract less attention from the “chainsaw wielding maniac” crowd.

So ever since then I’ve made my way across the Varrazano Narrows Bridge into New York, I trekked on foot all of the way to the beaches of Long Island Sound. From where I am, I plan on following the beaches until I hit CHB. Now let’s hope that I can get to CHB soon, because I can feel my life force draining from me, I haven’t eaten in 3-4 days and have consumed very minimal water. On top of that, the giant scrape on my back that the Ice Dragon caused has formed a ghastly infection.

Ok, you’re all up to date on everything that has happened since the Ice Dragon Incident now. So let’s get to what’s currently going on:

I’m walking along the southern beaches of Long Island Sound… I’ve been walking along it for… a day maybe? I need to get something in my body soon though, because my mind is starting to wander…

Ever since I started walking along the Sound, it has seemed to call out to me, and I started to think that a dip in the sea would be nice... But it was a ridiculous thing to think of. If I went into the sea in the state I’m in I would almost surely drown, but that still didn’t stop my obsession. The sea started to really call to me. It came to the point where the only thing I could think about is the sea. Was I suicidal? Did my body just want to give up?

A powerful wave washed on to the beach, sending an overbearing aroma of the sea towards my direction. I immediately found myself in a trance; the sea was calling out to me more than ever and I felt like I had an obligation to walk to it. I slowly but surely crept toward the waves, I just couldn’t help leading myself to my death

I knew there was no way out once I had stepped in. I was neck deep into the dark abyss when I plunged my head under. A minute or so passed before my lungs demanded oxygen, I decided to breath in some water to make my death go quicker. I opened my mouth and took a hard breath in. What happened though stunned me so much that I started coughing harder than I would have if I breathed in glass. I had just breathed water. By “breathed in water” I mean it actually satiated my need for oxygen!

Something else I had noticed in these few moments: I felt completely revamped; all of my weeks of hunger and fatigue are gone! Another thing: I’m dry!!!!!

I felt so good that I jumped straight out of the 5 foot deep water and straight on to the beach! But I landed hard and I laid there for a good 3-4 minutes checking inventory, and another 5 more minutes gathering the energy to get up. I had reverted to my vulnerable, out-of-energy state. I clumsily got up and stumbled back to the sea. As soon as I touched the edge energy coursed through me.

I quickly thought “If I’m only this energized while I’m touching water then…”

I lowered myself down into the water and tried splashing water on my face. My face, upon impact with the water, became instantly wet.

“But when-“Before another thought formed in my mind my face became instantaneously dry.

I suddenly understood how it worked, it was will. I only become wet when I want to become wet…But when I’m wet I can instantly become dry by wanting to become dry. That was the simple part about it, what confused me was how a son of Apollo could have the power to stay or become dry while underwater?

Time Skip

Once I had figured out that I could breathe underwater I immediately lost my urge to dive into the sea. I don’t know what was going on but something seemed to want me to figure that out.

I had managed to keep my energy up by willing myself to stay wet. Being wet made me so energetic that I started sprinting to make up for lost time. But I had to wean myself away from the sea since I came across a set of steep hills that blocked off my path.

I started making my way away from the sea but a problem soon became apparent. I was becoming dry, and as each moment passed becoming more enveloped in fatigue.

I ended up getting to a strawberry farm. I didn’t pay too much attention to it though, because each step was becoming more and more of an effort. I was quickly reverting to my original state before I learned my little trick with the water.

I don’t think I can take this much longer though. My knee buckled while I was walking and I fell to one knee, is this the end? It almost seemed impossible, because less than 20 minutes ago I felt better than I have felt in a long time.

I slight breeze blew, and with it was the scent of strawberries. My stomach in response growled. I had completely forgotten about the strawberry farm. But it immediately snapped into my attention once I smelled the delicious aroma. I quickly crawled towards great field and started to pick the strawberries. I instantly stuffed a handful into my mouth. But upon doing that something happened, several of the vines sprang to life and wrapped around me.

I sprang up but more vines wrapped around me and pulled me to the ground. I punched, kicked, and screamed. But more and more vines enveloped me. Soon, I had so many vines wrapped around me that I could no longer move; all that wasn’t covered was a little opening directly in front of my left eye.

A loud bell rung somewhere off in the distance, and soon a tall shadowy figure stood in my light. All I could think of was “I’m soooo dead!”

In the condition that I’m in, if it was a monster, I stood no chance whatsoever. In fact, if it was a pure mortal I would still be no good in a fight.

I was quickly being dragged across the soft dirt. My body was just too tired to put up a fight any longer…And I passed out.

Time Skip

I woke with a start; I couldn’t understand what was happening. My hands were tied behind my back and I was hanging upside down from the ceiling.

I took a quick survey around, I was in a room, and it was designed like a cabin in the woods, but it had dozens of pictures hanging on the wall of kids. There was a rocking chair in the corner and a bookcase on the far wall with what looked like an old record player beside it. What alarmed me were the 3 people that stood a few feet in front of me.

The person in the middle was sitting in a wheel chair. He had dark gray hair with a goatee; he had on a shirt that said “Κατασκήνωση Ημίαιμος”. Which somehow I knew spelled Camp Half-Blood. His eyes were gentle, but extremely old, as if he had seen the whole world 1000 times over.

The 2 others looked like Greek Spartans in their armor. They both held weapons; the smaller one on the right was carrying a short sword while the taller one was carrying a staff.

The smaller one was leaning against the wall with down cast eyes. He seemed a bit older than me and definitely more athletic. The taller one was probably near college age and he was leaning boredly, using his staff for support. They both looked unmistakably dangerous.

The man in the middle spoke up first “Can you please explain to me why you were amongst our strawberry fields?”

I opened my mouth to talk but I wasn’t exactly sure what to say. There was about a whole year long story to explain it. I knew where I was, I am finally where I’ve been trying to get to for the last 2 and a half weeks. But I just wasn’t sure how to approach the situation. Should I just blurt out that I was a half-blood? I just decided to tell them the whole story, because I was sure that questions were soon to follow. So to save the individuals and me the frustration. I decided to tell the story from the beginning.

“It all started when I vaporized my teacher….”

Time skip (Another one?!?!?!?!)

After I had told my treacherously long story everything was silent, out of the window I could see the dim light of the sun come off of the horizon. I was still extremely weary and unbelievably weak. I was just about to open my mouth to ask for some food but Chiron-The man in the wheel chair that wasn’t actually a human- cut me off. “Your story has disturbed me greatly and has left me with much to contemplate about… What had Khione’s Lernean Hydra”- Ice Man-“say to you? That someone could use your potential? Who did he say it was?”

“All I know is that he referred to it as a ‘she’.”

“Well, it probably is Khione herself; it’s her own hydra after all…”

“Hmmm… Are you sure it’s a hydra? I thought hydra’s had a bunch of heads.”

“Correct, they do, as the myth goes if you chop off a hydra’s head another two more grow back. But occasionally- very rarely in fact- instead of having two heads come out of the neck, a single body comes out of the decapitated head… It’s a mutation that has occurred very seldom over the last few millennia, but it does in fact happen.”

I simply said “Oh.”

“We’ll figure out who has been trying to contact you soon enough, but in the meantime, we need to get you some rest. As I am sure that you are tired. You’ll sleep and recover in the Big House for the next few days.”

The two kids that were on either side of Chiron were looking at me in awe. The taller one spoke up for the first time “You’re totally a son of Ares, the way you beat the crap out of the Chiropteran!? Incredible! And not only was it any Chiropteran, it was the QUEEN!”

He gave me more credit than I deserved… I killing the “queen” set me on the course to watch my whole entire town get burnt to the ground. I haven’t given it much thought for a while, but that one day I should have just let the monster slaughter me. My life to myself… Is pretty worthless, especially compared to the thousands that lost their life that one day not so long ago. “Eh, it was nothing… Do you mind guiding me to where I will be sleeping? I can’t really stand here….”

The two older demigods rushed to help me out of the chair that I had been placed in after Chiron ordered for me to be unhung from the ceiling. Chiron rolled out of the way to let us get through. As I was walking out of the door Chiron ordered “Halt!!!! Shawn, you wouldn’t happen to be allergic to strawberries…Would you?”

I thought back “No, what would make you think that?”

“Well, you have the worse rash I’ve ever seen in my life! And that’s saying something!”

I had to think back further “Ummm, that’s where Khione’s Hydra scraped my back…I think…”

“No, no, no, no, that’s impossible! You couldn’t have survived! Do you even know how poisonous hydra’s are? For your blood to be exposed to a hydra you would have to be a g-“

I didn’t hear him after that because I fainted…Again. Aren’t I pathetic?

The End


For now

YES!!!!! I can not believe that I'm done with it! I remember coming up with the idea and about 9,659 words and 13 months later I turn that idea into reality! I hope you enjoyed it~! I AM A GOD~!!!!

To be continued in The Game of Life for a Demigod: Part 2

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