The Percids by Zoe Jackson*

Chapter 1. A Greeting Goes Amiss

         It was an early winter day and Percy was trying to wake me up. "Zoe, Luke, Bianca, wake up now! Today you are going to Camp Half-Blood"  I walked down, ate my blue toast and walked out the door. Luke and Bianca had yet to come. If you have not already guessed, I am Zoe Jackson. My dad says I was named after Zoe Nightshade; one of the Hesperides, one of Artemis' hunters, and a constellation. We lived on Camp Half-Blood, or rather, right by it, so we weren't really going there. But anyway, we went to the Big House for introductions. Camp Half-Blood now operated as a school as well as a camp, and my aunts and uncles from Athena cabin were in charge. I had never been to the school, just the camp. My parents said I could start in 6th grade.

      We went to the Big House to meet some of Percy's friends. We talked to Nico di Angelo, Tyson(he had one eye), Grover, and Rachel. While we were talking, she went all weird. Her eyes rolled around and she said,

"The spirit of all will have to decide

On the voice of the mother of Titanide,

Who will economy pan from the atmosphere late,

When words will rely on the water of hate."

A boy from Philyra cabin had conjured up a papyrus and quickly jotted down the prophecy. "Come, Chiron must know about this."

Chapter 2. I Take Orders From a Horse

When we went down to Chiron, he stated that I would not be allowed to go on the quest because I needed to be at school. Then he said that the prophecy did not specifically mention a quest and that the kids from Apollo, Themis, and Prometheus cabins would try to figure out the prophecy, and then during winter break I would get my quest. I was very excited about this. My parents had told me all about their quests, how they had found Zeus' lightning bolt and the Golden Fleece, and how they fought Atlas, went through the labyrinth, and fought Kronos. I did my three months of school, and on the first day of winter break, Duncan Lyre reported to the council their interpretation of the prophecy.

"The first thing we noticed was the use of the words all and pan. We think that they should be switched. The mother of Titanide has to be Gaea. Economy refers to its Greek root, oikia, which means shelter. Words will rely on the water of Hate refers to the River Styx, which someone will have to take an oath on."

"What about the 'atmosphere late' what does that mean?" I asked.

"We do not know."