Chapter one, Electric shock:

There was an explosion of raw electricity and the surrounding circle of Romans fell down to Tom's feet. He walked forwards, brandishing his spear in front of him. "Regroup!" He bellowed. The nearest soldier was his lieutenant, John Silver.

"Aye, aye captain- or commander I should say." He said with a chuckle.

"Very funny Silver." Tom muttered in a sarcastic tone.

There were thirty soldiers in Tom's battalion, but now there was only seven soldiers remaining. "Ok guys here's the plan." He shouted, "Basically we will-"

A man fell to the ground. Dead.

"Attack!!!!" An Egyptian voice bellowed.

Tom turned his head, and saw three more of his men drop dead to the floor. "Egyptians!" He shouted to John and his other remaining man. "Go!" John and the other man scrambled off and left Tom to deal with the Egyptians.

Tom slashed his spear out at three, all of them fell and became still. Tom twisted, blocked an attack, parried sidestepped and stabbed.

Eventually he had taken out a battalion of them - the only problem was that they just kept coming. Tom took out another three - but he was tiring. He slashed out at one, the soldier fell, but as Tom turned a crossbow bolt went flying into his shoulder. He fell to the ground, dropping his spear and clasping his wound, which was gushing out blood.


Alistair sat upon the grassy green hill and stared out upon Athens. He looked at a withering plant beside him and touched it gently. It suddenly jumped to life, it's sickly green leaves and stem became a vibrant fern green, it's dyeing pink flowers turned blood red and almost looked like roses. Alistair smiled, his face lighting up with happiness.

There flash of lightning in the distance, and Alistair knew he had to go, go home.


The sword took contact with the dummy, splicing it in two. "Good work!" Shouted the master.