The Pyrrhic War:

This story is part of the Pyrrihic war Series and is the First book. It is written by Jack Firesword, Baka Yellow, Luke 12346 and Lexi


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The world will be enslaved by Rome if someone does not take up arms against them.


Chapter one - Eletric Shock (Jack)

Chapter Two - Falling Shadows (Yellow)

Chapter three - The Gathering (Luke)

Chapter four - Starting Up (Lexi)

Chapter five - Captured (Jack)

Chapter Six - The Book that Vanished (Yellow)

Chapter seven - The Chase (Luke)

Chapter eight - Ignite (Lexi)

Chapter nine - The Great Escape (Jack)

Chapter ten - ???? (Yellow)

Chapter eleven - ???? (Luke)

Chapter twelve - ???? (Lexi)

Chapter Thirteen - ???? (Jack)

Chapter fourteen - ???? (Yellow)

Chapter fiteen - ???? (Luke)

Chapter sixteen - ???? (Lexi)