The Titan Army is a retooling of and sequel to the 2010 group. It is developed and written by BeholdtheVision and Near is god based on the work of ~Angel Wings~.


The Titan Army has existed since the war against Kronos ended in 2009, and several of his most loyal lieutenants found themselves without a leader. Nevertheless, they remained devoted to their cause of bringing about a world under titan leadership, and in the shadows sought out recruits.

After almost half a decade of secrecy, training, and planning, the Titan Army was able to twist several events, such as the brief destruction of reality, the death of a Quester, and the revelation of a society hating the divine to begin their war on Olympus.




The Inner Council

Sphinx Battalion

  • Isaac Keys
  • Kimberly Everstein
  • Eve Riley
  • Ty Munroe
  • Harper McMoore
  • Ace Spaldings
  • Phineas Crane
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