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Tom Smith
Iris' warrior
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 7th, 1996
Current age 15
Gender Male
Family Iris (Mother) Aeolus (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Rainbow
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'11"
Alias Rainbow boy; Firefly,
Affiliation Not decided yet
Weapons Powers, ouránio tóxo;
Species Demigod
Home Earth
Appearances  ???
Quests  ???

Tom Smith is the son of Iris and Aeolus. His full name is Thomas Mike Jack Smith.


Tom has short brown hair, distinctive rainbow coloured eyes, pure white wings and white skin. He usualy wears: a baggy tie-die top; dark blue jeans, and bright blue sneakers. He looks younger than others of his age - but quite a bit taller.


Tom is a shy boy, but makes friends quickly once he gets to know someone. If someone leaves him he will go into a state of despair, and if he loves someone and this same thing happens to him - its a whole lot worse. He gets easly bored and loves to be outside. He can have a bad side to him too and can get stressed easlily.

Hobbies, interests and favourite things:

  • He loves to hide;
  • He loves beeing outside;
  • He enjoys playing games;
  • His favourite foods are cookies and pancakes;
  • He loves to fly and let his wings stretch;
  • He likes card games;
  • He is always recycling, doing things for the envivroment and perswading others to do the same

Things he's bad at and dislikes:

  • He hates mechanical objects;
  • He hates cities;
  • He has a strong rivalry with children of Hermes and Zeus;



Shapeshifting (osteokinesis);


Can travel at light-speed;

Can't break promises;

He can summon pegasi;

Can create multicolored flames;

Can instant iris message;

He is very clever;


ouránio tóxo (an asmenios silver dagger);

Rainbow (an asmenios silver short sword)

Fatal flaws:


If someone leaves him he will go into a state of despair;


Tom was born and brought up on Olympus by Iris, he was moved to Camp Halp Blood when Iris started Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles. He lived at Camp and trained for four years. He left camp on his fithteenth birthday and became Iris' protector and warrior. He now wonders the world seeking his fortune...