Typhus Gravemore
"Death is a part of life. The most we can do to avoid it, is embrace it..."
Son of Hades
Member of the Deus Humana
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 22, 2012
Current age 17
Gender Male
Family Raven (Twin Sister)

Other campers (Half-siblings)

Status Alive
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Height 6'2"
Alias "The Reaper"
Affiliation The Deus Humana

Camp Dimidium Sanguinis

Weapons -Theristís ("Reaper" scythe)
Species Demigod (Deus Humana)
Home Tokyo, Japan
Appearances -Deus Humana
Quests -The War of the Styx


DECEMBER 22, 2012; 19:34- Typhus Gravemore is born


Typhus Obsidius Gravemore is the son of the Greek god Hades and Selina Gravemore. Being of Olympian blood, he has the herditary powers of his father. Being abel to control the forces of the dead, shadow travel, and control hellish mounts, Typhus is a force to reckon with. Along with his scythe, Theristís, Typhus also can control Greek fire- the fire of Hades. He can usually be found at Camp Dimidium Sanguinius. He is great combatant, and usually hangs out in the training arena. He has a twin sister named Raven Gravemore (see her dossier for more information.)

Strengths and Weaknesses

Typhus almost has zero weaknesses...almost. One of his biggest weaknesses is his sister. Given that they are demigods, their twin telepathy bond is more unique than most. They have a strong sense of "connection", and one is hurt severly, it cost dearly for the other. (This weakness also serves as a weakness for Raven Gravemore.)

Typhus, however, has many strengths. He is as strong as Cerberus, as agile as the flow of the Styx, and as stealthy as a shadow. He is great combatant, with skills unsurpassed by all but his greatest enemies.

Vital Statistics

Blood Type: B-

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Weight: 129 lbs

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Black

Eye: Gray

Fears: Flying, Water

Allies: Raven Gravemore, Jessica Silverwing, Aaron Darkstone, Cypher Cloveheart, Hades (only on his good days)

Enemies: Monsters, The Reaper, Apollo (he really pissed this guy off)


  • Typhus loves Asian food
  • Typhus can't go a day without training with a sword or other weapon
  • Part of Typhus's fear of water generates from his natural instinct to like fire
  • Typhus hates also hates water and flying because they take him too far away from the earth, which is where Hades's realm is (where he would be most safe)
  • Typhus has managed to become a high ranking camper at CDS