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About me:

Alias: Archie/Christopher.

Country: Singapore. 

Gender: Male 

Member since: 2011

A Short Description:  I'm a 20 year old geek with a passion for writing and a crazy imagination. 

If you wanna know who I am, I am sort of the self-appointed community Admin/B'crat. I'm usually on the chat simply for the purpose to keep the peace and make sure people behave. Also I'm the admin that will most likely scold you, so play nice :D 

My Stories:

Archie's Stories


  • Finish Silver Eyes
  • Finish All the Other stories.
  • Clean up Categories on Wiki
  • Read Stories in Archireviews if any

Favourite Qoutes:

For the Curse of Life is the Curse of Want, so you peer into the Fog in hopes of answers

–Ancient Dragon, Dark Souls 2

Funerals, I decide, are not for the dead. They are for the living

–Hazel Grace, The Fault in Our Stars

I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest

–Four, Divergent

Yes, the Fuhrer decided that he would rule with world with words.

–Max, The Book Thief

It is only the events of the past that can be recorded in a Book. There are no pages reserved for the future. And therein lies its potential. The potential of the unknown is limitless

–Sotiara and Librom, Soul Sacrifice Delta

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