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Hiydn Gray. The British part and only important part of my mind, heart, body and soul.

2012 - Ersason219 has been nominated for TEA 2.png!!!

"Second Place!"
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  1. Favorite Pages
  2. Collabs
  3. My to Read List
  4. Characters
  5. God/dess's

My Favorite Stories/Pages

  1. Haunted Demigods
  2. Disgraced by the Gods
  3. The Olympian League
  4. Awaken the Legends


  1. Last Man Standing

    Christina Aguilera - Cease Fire (Lyrics)

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  2. The Olympian League
  3. The Charmed Demigods
  4. Two Hells
  5. Awaken the Legends
  6. Powers Beyond the Demigod
  7. Young God Chronicles
  8. An Odessey
  9. The Luchega Mafia
  10. Bello Deorum
  11. Disney Demigods 
  12. The Assassins
  13. Abandoned Immortals
  14. The Witchtrials

Work list

  1. The Proof is in the Powers
  2. World War Demigod
  3. The Assassins
  4. The Navigator Series
  5. Disgraced by the Gods
  6. The Charmed Demigods
  7. The Olympian League- Waiting for Ex
  8. Bello Deorum
  9. Two Hells
  10. Haunted Demigods
  11. Disney Demigods
  12. Abandoned Immortals
  13. The Demigod Grand Prix

My to Read List

  • White Knights
  • The Jackson Legacy
  • The Keys to Death
  • The Voyage
  • My Knight
  • The Arena


  1. Dean Summers
  2. Denise Munroe
  3. Larry Beston
  4. Alexander Silcan
  5. Alexis Armstrong
  6. Keith Chase
  7. Hilary Michaelson
  8. Hanna Bowshmite
  9. Charlie St. Peterson
  10. Henry Janssen
  11. Laura Bellingham
  12. Adam Greylick
  13. Julie James
  14. Lucas Lyons
  15. Tom "Giggles" Smith
  16. Lorcan Lance
  17. Theo Laurent
  18. Johnny Levine
  19. Emily Coolidge
  20. Alexis Bateman
  21. Jake Horton
  22. Hayley Smith
  23. Tabitha Morris
  24. Claire Petrelli
  25. Maria Terpe
  26. Sasha Quinn
  27. Annie Vilinas
  28. Jonathan Griffin
  29. Margaret Bádhron
  30. Edlyn Collins
  31. Brandon Cole


  1. Kamio
  2. Aslion
  3. Scruthator
  4. Asaliad
  5. Hunteria

Future Projects

  • The Witchtrials- A story about a Son and Daughter of Hecate who live in the Medival Era under the reign of King James I of Scotland and his supersticions about Witchcraft. This story revolves around the two children of Hecate and their struggle to gain freedom of their magic and to perform whatever force of magic they wish. Influenced by Witchcraft Act 1563.
  • The Poltergeist and Me- A story about a Child of Morpheus gaining the freedom of a Poltergeist living amongst thecamp unhidden. This story revolves around their compelling relationship as friends.


  1. Best User Award (Nominated)- 2nd Extreme Awards
  2. Best Chat User (Nominated)- 2nd Extreme Awards
  3. Last Man Standing, Best Collab Award (Won)- 2nd Extreme Awards
  4. Best User Award (Nominated)- The StipuleRinSon Cats Awards
  5. User with the Sexiest Attitude Award (Won)- The StipuleRinSon Cats Awards
  6. Best Story Award, Haunted Demigods (Nominated)- The StipuleRinSon Cats Awards.
  7. Story With the Sexiest Characters Award, LMS (Won)- The StipuleRinSon Cats Awards

  8. Best Crackfic Award, The Gods and Celebrities (Nominated)- The StipuleRinSon Cats Awards

  9. Best Chat User Award (Nominated)- 3rd Exteme Awards

  10. Best Hero Award, Heracules (Nominated)- 3rd Extreme Awards

  11. Best Villain Award, Jason (Nominated)- 3rd Extreme Awards

  12. Best Story Award, Haunted Demigods (Nominated)- 3rd Extreme Awards

  13. Best Collab Award, ATL (Nominated)- 3rd Exteme Awards

  14. Best Video Game Award, TOL (Nominated)- 3rd Extreme Awards

  15. Best Story Title Award, LMS (Won)- 3rd Extreme Awards

  16. Best Fight Scene, LMS (Won)- 3rd Extreme Awards

  17. Most Creative User (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  18. Smartest User (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  19. Best Collaborator (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  20. Best Story, Haunted Demigods (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  21. Best Collab, The Assassins, LMS + TOL (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  22. Best Action Story, Haunted Demigods (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  23. Funniest Story, The Gods and Celebrities (Pending)- Wiki Awards.

  24. Most Dramatic/Emotional Story, LMS (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  25. Story with most plot twists, LMS (Pending)- Wiki Awards

  26. Best New Story, World War Demigod (Pending)- Wiki Awards

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