My Stories

Working On

  • Last Man Standing (About Done) - An alternate universe story where the Gaea War was interrupted by a disease caused by Hades. Now, a group of demigods must do what they can to try and survive.
  • The Olympian League (In Progress) - A huge collaboration about a group of heroes who fight an evil organization to keep peace and love in the world.
    • Days of Boom (About Done) - Team Alpha receives a message from an unknown person, in the message it shows the location of 6 nuclear bombs. If the team alerts anyone the bombs will detonate, they will have to work as fast as possible to stop the bombs from detonating.
    • Warriors (In Progress) - Burning Sun begins to make attacks all over the world and there is only a group of heroes who can take them down for good, they are the main team of The Olympian League...they are Team Omega.
    • Into the Unknown (About Done) - Team Delta goes on a mission to investigate a mysterious weapon that Liquid Fire is making...when they go into the facility to investigate they are discovered and are trapped by the enemy. They fight each other and the fight accidentaly causes the weapon to activate...
    • Land of the Lost (In Progress) - Team Recon is send on a mission to look for a member of The Olympian League, a Supreme Olympian. They are send to an old warehouse where it was last heard of her. When they arrive to the warehouse they find the entrance to a place they thought disappeared years ago...
    • Battle Scars (In Progress) - What would you do if someone told you how much time to live you had left? A short story about an important member of The Olympian League during his last days of life and his best moments.
  • The Three Musketeers (In Progress) - A story about a modern group of teenagers and discover a secret left to them by their ancestors, the Three Musketeers!
  • The Legacy of Three (In Progress) - The story of one of the modern musketeers known as Jake Knight and how he joined Camp Half-Blood and went on his first quest.
  • The Greek Songs Collection (In Progress) - A collection of songs turned into the greek demigod form.
  • The Sea Code: Missing (In Progress) - An alternate universe story about a young boy named Percy who travels in a plane with his best friend and cousin but then they are caught in a thunderstorm and end up in a deserted island full of other strange teenagers including a certain blonde that Percy is very interested in...


  • The Running Man (Complete) - The story of how the world of demigods turned upside down and are now ruled by a tyrant known as Nadine. Demigods are forced to run all over the world so they won't get killed by the hunters that have been contracted for a Reality show...
  • Kisses in the Rain (Complete) - A one-shot about the romance between two demigods.
  • Mirrors (Complete) - A one-shot about the son of Helios during the war between The Olympian League and Burning Sun.
  • Olympian Facebook (Complete) - A story about Percy Jackson and his friends using facebook.
  • Into Extinction (Complete) - New York City faces a threat they never expected.
  • Arthur Bennett and the Mysterious Beast (Complete) - One of the descendants of Percy Jackson is out in the most dangerous place in New York and encounters someone he never expected.

Coming Soon

  • Silena Jackson and the Golden Ring (Coming soon...) - The story about the daughter of Percy Jackson and the adventures she goes through just because of a small golden lost ring...
  • The White Knights (Coming soon...) - A story about a group of demigods who form a team to rescue demigods and fight monsters all over the world.
  • Sounds of War (Coming soon...) - A story about demigods taking sides in a war between The Olympians, Team Zeus vs Team Poseidon.
  • What Makes You Beautiful (Coming soon...) - A young girl in the academy gets cursed by Aphrodite and now she has only 40 days to live. The only way her best friend can save her is by giving her a kiss, a true love kiss.

My Characters


Real Name Born Godly Parent Canon Appearances
Ajax Jackson June 21, 2824 Khione The Atlantis Lessons
Ajax Jackson was born to Orion Jackson and the goddess Khione. His father was a member of The Olympian League and busy man. He was raised in the league by one of the trainers and his aunt Janet Jackson. He was just three years old when The Olympian League fell, destroyed by one of its own. The league was under attack and so his aunt had no choice but to put him in one of the safe boats and sent him away from the Island which was destroyed a couple of minutes after. He was found by Poseidon, the god of the Sea who took him to Atlantis.
Allen Arce March 15, 2014 Helios I am a Demigod
Allen's mom died giving birth to Allen, he was taken by a young demigod named Benjamin Quilk. Ben (a 20 year old; son of Minerva) and he's wife, Selena Molf (daughter of Venus) raised Allen in San Diego, California.

During a trip to San Franciso (heading to Camp Jupiter) they had a car accident. Allen (currently 12 years old) was kidnapped by a Cyclops. The Cyclops took Allen and was about to eat him when a 14 year old demigod saved him (Luke Vapor) and took him to Camp Half-Blood. Allen's parents did survive the accident and were later contacted by Allen telling them that he was alive.

Arthur Bennett August 12, 2269 Legacy of Poseidon and Athena The Myseterious Beast
Coming soon...
Dan Flaze August 12, 2014 Apollo The White Knights
Coming soon...
Daniel Redson January 16, 2005 Hephaestus The Olympian League
Daniel Redson is a demigod son of Hephaestus and Natalia Redson. He learned of the greek world at age 10 when his mom told him. He first thought it was a prank but a year later he learned it wasn't a lie and visited Camp Half-Blood. He lost his mom at age 13 when a group of evil demigods attacked The Olympian League, his mom was caught in the battle and died do to an explosion, he later joined the league.
Darthos Knight May 15, 2980 Hermes The Olympian League: 3000
Coming soon...
Desmond Moon March 25, 2021 Selene The Olympian League
Coming soon...
Drake Vapor June 23, 2011 Helios The White Knights
Drake Vapor is the twin brother of Luke Vapor and one of the three children of Helios. Unlike his brother, Drake is not very friendly and prefers beign alone.
Drake Night January 3, 1993 Erobos ?
Coming soon...
Ethan Luke Jackson July 10, 2019 Legacy of Poseidon and Athena ?
Coming soon...
Finnick Rider December 1, 2021 Athena The Olympian League
Coming soon...
Harry Deep August 12, 2015 Hades The White Knights
Coming soon...
Jacob Wayne Unknown Nyx Heroes
Jacob Wayne is a Greek Demigod born to the goddess Nyx and the superhero Batman (Also known as Bruce Wayne).

Jacob has a sanguine personality type meaning he's Talkative, cocky, easily bored, very hot-tempered at times. He has a sense of humor which is ironic because of everything he's been through. A strong leader with a personable demeanor he can keep a group together and is thought of the glue that ties the many groups and teams together. When it comes to those he sees as Family and friends Jacob will defend them without hesitation.

Jason Monson May 13, 1996 Kronos The Olympian League
Coming soon...
Jake Knight May 15, 2011 Khione The White Knights, The Three Musketeers and The Legacy of Three
Jake Knight lived with his father in Alaska until age 17. He was discovered by another demigod and taken to Camp Half-Blood. There he learned that he was a demigod and a son of Khione.
Jonathan Flaze September 12, 2011 Apollo The White Knights
Coming soon...
Julian Fixx September 16, 2013 Hephaestus The White Knights
Coming soon...
Logan Bennett August 8, 2379 Legacy of Poseidon, Athena and Bellona The Demigod Catalyst
Coming soon...
Luke Vapor June 23, 2011 Helios The White Knights and The Olympian League
Luke and his brother's, Drake, birth was a mystery because their mother, Melina Vapor, never had a relationship with someone during that time. Their mother was told by Athena that the spirit of Helios reproduced with her. Making Luke and Drake the last children of Helios.
Maxwell Eir August 12, 2011 Aelous The Olympian League
Coming soon...
Percy Athens Jackson July 10, 2019 Legacy of Poseidon and Athena ?
Coming soon...


Real Name Born Godly Parent Canon Appearances
Alexis Sword July 4, 2011 Apollo The Legacy of Three
Alexis Sword is a daughter of Apollo and Diana Sword. She is a strong fighter and arrived at Camp Half-Blood at age 14, she was discovered by a satyr during a bank robbery.
Ashley Storm November 25, 2014 Hecate The White Knights
Coming soon...
April Wind May 25, 2012 Aeolus The White Knights and The Olympian League
April is the daughter of Aeolus and May Wind. Her mother was a pilot and a very good one, she retired after she became pregnant and began to work as a teacher. May told April she was a demigod at age 13 and took her to Camp Half-Blood before any monster could harm her.
Linda Admidala April 21, 2014 Aphrodite The White Knights
Coming soon...
Mikaela Queens February 14, 2015 Aphrodite I am a Demigod
Coming soon...
Nova Solora March 24, 2011 Apollo The White Knights
Coming soon...
Sally Sea Jackson April 21, 2024 Legacy of Poseidon and Athena The Olympian League
Coming soon...
Silena Annabeth Jackson May 19, 2017 Legacy of Poseidon and Athena The Olympian League
Silena Jackson is the daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. She is the oldest of their four children and a legacy of Poseidon and Athena. She's has alot of Percy's powers but her attitude is more like Annabeth's.

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