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  • I live in America
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is a hufflepuff
  • I am worth 8 goats plus my future husband's brother

Welcome to my user page! Message me if you have any questions! Stay Asterous <3

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HI! My name is Hazel and I am a returning "veteran" (do we still use that term?) that hasn't been on this wiki in a very long time. Frankly, I feel old.

I honestly don't really plan on getting too involved with this wiki again, mainly because I am super freaking busy. Sure, it's been a somewhat slow summer so far, but wow does it pick up soon. Ugh. And here I am actually wanting school to start again, but I know I'll be crying a week into the new year about how much I hate homework and love sleep.

A little about me:

  • I'm going to be a junior in high school! Yay! (Or not yay?) And to think, when I was younger I thought that was so old, especially for some of the old users here on the wiki. Wow, no. I'm too young to be thinking about SATs and ACTs and colleges and careers (which I've already started, actually. Oops.)
  • Yes, I live in the United States, if you couldn't tell by my using the term "junior" above. That's kind of vague, but considering how many people here (both inactive and...I think active?) know the town I live in from my Facebook page, I think that's good enough to state for now.
  • My coming back here proves I don't have much of a social life (emphasis on social. I'm still busy.), because I joined here, like, what, five years ago? I don't even know anymore. It's been a while, but hey, I'm back.
  • I enjoy music and theatre and cats and baking and art and cats and pinterest and organizing and cats and speech and school (minus the work) and reading and writing and cats and disney and travel and did I mention cats? (sorry, my cat is sitting on my lap right now)
  • Oh, speaking of travel, I'M GOING TO EUROPE NEXT SUMMER AND I'M SO FLIPPING EXCITED. Yes, you needed to know that.
  • I'm not actually that interesting of a person and don't have any true passions in my life and I have no idea what I want to do with my life and you have no idea how much that is stressing me out. Honestly I just want to win the lottery, travel the world, donate money to charitable causes, start a few of my own charities and organizations, and be some sort of motivational speaker to teenagers around the world and win the Nobel Peace Prize and get my own movie and be able to bake all the cupcakes I want and adopt all the cats I can without my house smelling too much like a cat.
  • On a last note, all of those stories below? Yeah, most of them suck. Don't read them. There's a very small, select few I'm not ashamed of. I'll organize them somehow later. But seriously, don't. Don't even try. If you're that desperate, go to my page of the same username and read the two stories I bothered to put up there. One of them (Faults) has some formatting issues, but other than that it's alright. The other story (We Are Broken) was actually originally published here and got some good attention, but I don't know if it's actually deserving of it or not.

My backup account is StormDevil (which I'll probably never use, but we're still supposed to declare those, right?)



False Love Series

False Love (Done)

False Love: An Enemy in the Shadows

A God's Crime

A God's Crime: Discovery and Hidden (Done)

A God's Crime: Found and New (Done)

A God's Crime: A Choice of the Titan God (Done)

The Loved for Life Series

Love for Life (Done)

Love for Life: A New Beggining (Done)


What The Water Gave Us (Done)

The Short After Life of Bianca di Angelo (Done)

Freedom's Break Down (Done)

What if Gabe had Lived (Done)

The Day Luke went to the Doctor (Done)

Always Listen to Chain Mail (Done)

The Annabeth Saga (Discontinued)

Contest Submissions

August 2012 - We Are Broken - WINNER


A Life to Regret (Done)

Just a Dream (Done)

Μπορώ να δω τα αστέρια (Done)

Interactive/Continued by All

The Random All OC Instant Message

The Random All OC Email Forwards

What if They Knew of Us?

Colabs/OC Clubs

The Heroes Organization (OC Club)

The Heroes Organization: Incipient (WIP)

The Heroes Organization: A Very THO Christmas (Will be redone this Christmas)

Note: There are other stories in THO that have been discontinued. They can be found on the THO page.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing Sequel 2

Discontinued/Possibly Redone in Future

The Titan Army

A Shattered World

Under the Mistletoe

Shooting For Love

April Fools

The Thanksgiving Spectacular!


Only Hopes* (To be Continued in Future)

Crashing Faith* (Discontinued/Possibly Continued in Future)

Dark Side of the Moon* (Discontinued/To be Redone) Luck Only Comes to the Lucky (To be redone-will be after TTA restarts)

What if Percy Stayed with Calypso? (Discontinued/Possibly Redone)

An Unexpected Turn. (Originally Hermione6720's, adopted. Now discontinued.)

Less Then Ever Loved* (Adopted by Hermione)

Freedom Reject* (Will be redone)



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