Hey, guys!

This is an idea which I think is great, but clearly it's in your hands. Presenting, the PJOFFW Book Club!

What it Is

  • Users submit stories. One is selected by the Current Leader (this title rotates) to be read.
  • Participants have 1-3 weeks to read the story.
  • Then, on a certain Saturday or Sunday, users gather on chat to discuss. If people cannot make it discussion will be held in a blog.
  • To finish it off particpants will write a 50+ word review of the book and give it a rating, which will be averaged and given to the story.

Anyoen game for this? Feel free to suggest changes to the concept!

Book Poll

Current Members

  • BeholdtheVision
  • Near is god
  • Animalandia
  • DarkCyberWolf
  • 123lou321

I am a Warrior. 16:20, April 6, 2015 (UTC)

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