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When Vianna was young, she looked more like her mother.

Vianna Zoe Jackson (previously Castellan) (born January 2, 2012) is a quarter-blood daughter of Annabeth and Percy.

Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales

In the beginning of the story, Vianna is born to Annabeth and Percy. She was given to Thalia as an adopted child. Thalia married Luke some years later and Luke adopted her as his daughter. Vianna thinks that Luke and Thalia are her parents, even though she has green eyes.

Vianna runs away after being told that Thalia and Luke were not her real parents.

After running away, Vianna met up with Xerxes Demos. She expresses romantic feelings for him.

Amberlynn joined Vianna and Xerxes's pact after a little while.

Vianna is nearly killed by one of the Keres but Poseidon turns her into coral to prevent her death.

She comes back to life and goes home.


Vianna looks more like Annabeth than Percy. She has light brown hair and green eyes. Her skin is fairly tanned. She is about eighteen years old by the end of Happy Endings Only Happen In Fairytales and looks like the picture above. When she is eighteen, she weighs about 136 pounds and is 5 feet, 10 inches. In the beginning of the story, however, she looks more like the picture at the side. She was around 3 feet tall and weighed 62 pounds. Her eyes were a light shade of green when she was little and had some grey mixed in with them. Her hair was also more blonde when she was little.


Being a grand-daughter of Athena, Vianna is very witty and smart. She understands more grown-up subjects when she was little. She taught everything she knew to her fast-learner sister/cousin, Amberlynn. She is humorous and funny. She can be very mean and borderline scary when someone ticks her off. She reminds Percy of Annabeth as she got older.


Vianna was unwanted by her mother. Annabeth had kept pressuring Percy to put her up for adoption and he finally did. The infant was passed over to Thalia. She doesn't know that her so called cousin is actually her sister. In her story, her teddy bear, Fred, is mentioned to be Annabeth's old teddy.

Known Family.

  • Percy Jackson (Father).
  • Annabeth Jackson ((nee Chase) Mother).
  • Thalia Castellan ((nee Grace) Adoptive mother).
  • Luke Castellan (Adoptive Father).
  • Sally Blofis (Grandmother).
  • Frederick Chase (Grandfather).
  • Paul Blofis (Step-grandfather).
  • Poseidon (Grandfather).
  • Athena (Grandmoter).
  • Amberlynn Jackson (Sister).
  • Robyn Jackson (Niece).
  • Riley Jackson (Nephew).
  • Keenan Jackson (Nephew).
  • Any other relatives of Poseidon and Athena (Half-relatives).
  • Xerxes Demos (Husband).
  • Justin Demos (Son).


  • Vianna was originally supposed to die at age eleven. The TATN (her creator) decided to be evil and kill her mother.
  • Vianna's name is Latin (probably telling Chiron that he actually taught Percy something) and means alive.
  • Vianna and Amberlynn's relationship is based off the relationship of Katie and Lynn Takeshima in the book Kira-Kira.
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