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Virginia L

Virginia Delilah Lawson is a 16-year-old demigod daughter of Aphrodite.

Nine Months

Virginia is April Wilson's best friend. She is a minor character who does not appear much.

She briefly helps April pick out baby names. She was shocked when she heard that her friend is expecting triplets.


Virginia's appearance is rarely talked about in Nine Months, but Sparrowsong (her creator) pictures her as a "dangerously beautiful" girl with fair skin, unruly red hair, and wide, curious green eyes. She is 5'3 and 124 pounds.


Virginia's hair is naturally red, but you rarely see it that way. She constantly dyes her hair; in Chapter Three of Nine Months, she has dark hair with pink highlights, and in Chapter Six she has dyed it platinum blonde. She also likes to use hair extensions and has been known to cut her own hair.


Virginia's personality is pretty typical for a daughter of Aphrodite. She is gossipy, girly, vain, flirty, seductive, charismatic, likes shopping, and is a hopeless romantic. She likes to dress in a relatively skanky fashion - she is not aiming to look like a stripper, but she does like to show some more skin (as shown with her tendency to wear short skirts and fishnet tights, even at camp). She is sad that April had to get pregnant at sixteen, but very supportive and excited that she is going to be an "aunt." Like most of the campers in the Aphrodite cabin, she is on good terms with the Ares and Hermes cabins.

Known Family

  • Aphrodite (mother)
  • Silena Beuregard, Marilyn Monroe (half-sisters)
  • Other members of the Aphrodite cabin (half-siblings)