Angsty poem about Thalia and Luke. Oneshot. Thalia's POV (point of view).

Chapter One

I can't believe you!

How dare you?!

You b*st*rd!

I loved you

And you betrayed me

I gave you everything

My love

My heart

My soul

And you just threw it away like a piece of garbage!

I hate you

You b*st*rd

Why don't you just die and go to Tartarus?!

I can't believe you

Do you remember me at all?

Have you forgotten about me?

What we had?

Our love?

We were practically soulmates

And you threw that all away

You b*st*rd



Die, die, die!

I hate you

I hate my dumb life

You officially suck, you b*st*rd

We were practically soulmates

I gave you everything I had

I let you into my heart

You broke it

Die, you b*st*rd!

Go rot in Tartarus

I don't care about you anymore

Not at all

I won't say I don't love you anymore

Because I do

I love you, Luke Castellan

You traitor

You idiot

You b*st*rd

I shouldn't love someone who doesn't care for me

But I do

I love you, Luke Castellan

I want to look into your ice-blue eyes and kiss your lips and love you to death

Like all those years ago, when it was just you and me and Annabeth

I love you, Luke Castellan

And you betrayed me

How could you?

I thought you loved me

I thought we had something

But I guess that was all an act

Go to Tartarus

You b*st*rd